1 Year long incubation program for indie studios, independent professionals & startups building video games. We don’t just provide a purpose built space but also mentoring, handholding, knowledge sharing and publishing.

We know it’s hard to produce a successful prototype and then games. We created this program keeping in mind the continuous feedback loop. By sitting and working closely with the team that has produced the most hits and published games in the past few years you get the right input that helps you succeed. 



The program offers trainings from professionals who have worked on multiple No.1 games globally. A well rounded experience from game design to art and game programming.

Industry Wide Mentors

Professionals from not just Mindstorm Studios but also from more than a dozen different studios participate in advising students.

Publishing Support

Its not just trainings, you also get to build games. Its not a side project experience, you build games with help of mentors and are provided are publishing support as well.

Tin Tash
Game Studio

Zohaib Zaidi
Indie Dev

Intech Studio
Games Studio

Umar Ali
Indie Dev